Symposium & Hands-on sessions: Multimodal Imaging of Brain Tumors

21st May 2016, Bruges, BE

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This year, the BSNR steps forward to offer you hands-on sessions joined with the symposium. The topic is currently in the core of therapeutic as well as medical imaging development and research. These last years, many efforts have been made to increase the diagnostic accuracy, presurgical planning and follow-up of brain tumors, by improving the integration of multiple imaging modalities such as Diffusion Tensor imaging (DTI), Spectroscopy, Perfusion, Functional imaging and Positron Emission Tomography (PET)-MR. The symposium will give you the opportunity to learn how to perform acquisitions, to post-process images, to render the results and interpret them, and, ultimately, how to use multimodal images to define treatment strategies. In addition, the workshops will allow you to handle the mouse and post-process the images from advanced MR techniques on dedicated workstations.

Registrations are closed



Symposium venue: Grand Hotel Casselbergh (

Address Venue: Hoogstraat 6, 8000 Bruges
Parking facilities: The public parking ‘t Pandreitje, is 5-10 minutes walking distance from the hotel. (more info)

In the Grand Hotel Casselbergh rich history meets modern luxury.  Its location, right in the heart of the historic centre of Bruges, a UNESCO World Heritage City, with those impressive buildings from the Middle Ages and idyllic canals, makes the hotel unique.


  • Diagnostic Neuroradiology (Patrice Jissendi-Brussels, Sophie Van Cauter-Genk, Julien Savatoski–Paris, Raphaëlle Souillard-Paris, Sotirios Bisdas-London, Didier de Surgeloose-Middelheim, Jan Casselman-Bruges)
  • Interventional Neuroradiology (Georges Rodesch-Paris)
  • Nuclear medicine (Sotirios Bisdas-London)
  • Neurosurgery (Michaël Bruneau-Brussels)

Georges Rodesch, MD, PhD
Paris, FR
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Julien Savatovsky, MD
Paris, FR
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Raphaëlle Souillard-Scemana, MD
Paris, FR
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Sotirios Bisdas, MD, MSc
London, GB
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Michaël Bruneau, MD, PhD
Brussels, BE
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Sophie Van Cauter, MD, Phd
Genk, BE
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08:30 Welcome participants
09:00 Multimodal imaging of brain tumors
Moderator: Jan Casselman

  Conventional MRI and MRS
S. Bisdas - London
  Perfusion techniques 
R. Souillard - Paris
  Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and fMRI mapping
S. Van Cauter - Genk
  PET-scan mapping 
S. Bisdas - London

10:45 Coffee break
11:00 Multimodal imaging-based treatment and follow-up of brain tumors
Moderator: Didier De Surgeloose

Surgical treatment 
Michaël Bruneau - Brussels
Interventional neuroradiology
G. Rodesch – Paris
Multimodal imaging-based follow-up
J. Savatosky - Paris

12:00 - 1300 Lunch
13:00 Hands-on session 1
group 1-room A (MRI – MRS – PET, S. Bisdas)
group 2-room B (DTI – PERF – fMRI, S. Van Cauter, R. Souillard)
group 3-room C (MRI – MRS – PET, P. Jissendi)
group 4-room D (DTI – PERF – fMRI, D. De Surgeloose, J. Savatovsky)
14:00 Coffee break
14:15 Hands-on session 2
group 1-room C (MRI – MRS – PET, P. Jissendi)
group 2-room D (DTI – PERF – fMRI, D. De Surgeloose, J. Savatovsky)
group 3-room A (MRI – MRS – PET, S. Bisdas)
group 4-room B (DTI – PERF – fMRI, S. Van Cauter, R. Souillard)
15:15 Closing remarks
15:30 End of the session

Organisation: Belgian Society of Neuroradiology- BSNR (BSR-section)
Organisers: Patrice Jissendi Tchofo (President), Didier De Surgeloose (Secretary)

Belgian Accreditation: N° 16008527